Crafting a Lifestyle

Claudia Zeber-Martell began as a painter, and surface decoration is a dominant element in her work, with images balanced between internal visualization and external stimuli. "My focus often combines forms, colors and dimensions found in nature, from the organic and geometric to the whimsical, and I concentrate on developing positive images that enrich the environment and create harmony.

Michael Martell's pottery has evolved over two decades from traditional salt-glazed and wood-fired stoneware to expressive graceful pieces with contemporary form. "Form is so much a part of our everyday lives, and I've been fortunate to explore it through clay; the slightest movement of the hands creates subtle changes in the shape of the pot. That is constantly amazing to me."

Collaboration can be an enriching process for two artists, and by challenging each other a balance is achieved, and the contribution of each person's particular skills has here resulted in a product that surpasses what each could achieve alone. "We enjoy the daily overlapping of our personal and professional lives, and we believe it enhances our individual creativity."

Take a sneek peak behind the scenes in the studio and view our short, 8-minute time-lapsed video "Clayin' Around"  below to see how the pieces are made and decorated.